11 August 2019

Fatal attraction and tears of stars

  • Di Lorenzo Fiori

In the upcoming days around San Lorenzo, the Moon, in conjunction with the planets Jupiter and Saturn, will be like an actor and witness of an imaginary and mythological reconciliation.

Having survived his paternal greed, Jupiter shackles his father Saturn in Tartarus, with the help of the Giants and the Hecatonchires. Saturn's atonement is fulfilled. The imaginary reconciliation is shown by the two gas giants with the intervention of the Moon in interplanetary space.

The Moon, brighter than ever, turns to watch the father and son, winking with its falling tears of joy.

It is a recurring astronomical event that reminds us of these fantastic mythological stories, that are the representation of our earthly events, often made from sometimes difficult and sometimes exciting relationships.

Cover image:

Jupiter, (Nasa)

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